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Receive recommendations according to the stage of development of your crop.

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Personalized technical advice by region, altitude, and climatic conditions of the location of the crop.

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Application created with knowledge of Yara's team of agronomy and research specialists.

How it works

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Receive stage-wise content and beset practices in localized form.

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Receive trusted support from our certified agronomists.

Know our Team

The news feed agronomical content is created by Coffee Specialist with deep experience in Colombia coffee production

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Maria Pamphona

Digital Agronomist, Columbia

Maria is a coffee farmer of many generations and her passion for coffee motivated her to become an Agronomist. With more than 10 years of experience and technical and investigative training which has allowed her to learn about coffee growing in different stages of development.

Currently studying specialization in agribusiness and has focused on providing advice to farmers about the agronomic area, marketing, post-harvest, and coffee quality.

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Victor Ramirez

Research R&D, Columbia

With more than 20 years of experience, Víctor has become one of the most recognized scientific researchers in Latin America. He is an Agronomist and has a master’s degree in Agronomy.

In his career, Victor has technical and agronomic knowledge. In the last 11 years, he has devoted 100% to the research of coffee crops, especially the relationship of soil, plant, and atmosphere.

In addition, it has focused on balanced crop nutrition and its impact on the sustainability and quality of coffee.

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Edwin Norñe

Post-harvesting Specialist, Columbia

With a trajectory of more than 17 years in coffee production, this Agroindustrial Engineer with specialization in Agricultural Marketing has been directly linked to the value chain from production to knowledge transfer.

Edwin is a recognized taster with a Q Arabica Grader license, which has allowed him to be a Lead Judge in different awards to choose the best cups of coffee. In addition, Edwin is a cupping instructor from basic to advanced levels.

His passion for processes has led him to be certified as Q Processing professional and Expert; and to share good benefit practices, physical evaluation to the design of sensory profiles in institutions such as SENA and the University of Antioquia for the Colombian coffee community.

What users say

CoffeeClub gives you with the information you need in just a few clicks. Here is what users say:

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Bayani Gamiao


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Kavi Sarraf


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