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Connecting Partners.

Connecting Farmers.

Connecting You.

A Connected Farmer is a Prosperous Farmer


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AfricaConnect farmers can access unique offerings only available through the platform


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AfricaConnect farmers have access to Knowledge from multiple areas in agriculture


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AfricaConnect connects farmers to ecosystem markets


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AfricaConnect supports traceability and mobilisation of aid and support for Governments, NGOs and foundations for meaningful impact

How it works

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Farmers can use our unique registration platform to receive information about offers, which can be bought at participating retailers outlets. Over our platform, we support farmers with hyperlocal agronomy advice via SMS.

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Connect – Engage – Insights

With AfricaConnect as your partner, you open your company up to more than 2 million farmers with whom you can provide value-added services and products. Our technology ensures that there is full end-to-end traceability through the ecosystem.

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Learn – Expand – Get rewards

Become the centre of knowledge and unique offerings. By connecting with thousands of local farmers, you have an opportunity to expand your business footprint. With AfricaConnect having a plug into YaraConnect, you can earn points and redeem rewards, as well as learn about crops, products and agriculture. Connect to the ecosystem of agriculture and grow your business.

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